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BioArchitec Group Limited is a Hong Kong-based research-driven biotechnology company devoted to delivering the most innovative and revolutionary technology solutions that drive both academic and industrial biomedical research to the next level. We aim to create pioneering new products and services using 3D bioprinting technology. Meanwhile, BioArchitec strives to develop a 3D bioprinting platform technology specifically for biologists or non-engineers to satisfy their research needs. This concept will help to turn the currently limited 3D bioprinting technology into fully accessible tools for all laboratories worldwide.


State-of-the-art, affordable price

MAPS-1 stands for Multidimension Automatic Printing System, is our first 3D bioprinter. With high precision up to 0.1 micron and dual nozzles system, the MAPS-1 is capable to print very precise 3D multi-cell types models for regenerative research or tumor research. It has the enclosed chamber to prevent comtamination and UV for sterilization. It is controled by our OneClick OS, which is designed for non-engineers with fully auto calibration ability. 

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Patented Viality Chamber, fully automatic

MAPS-2 is a fully automatic printing and cell culturing station that comprised of a high precision 3D bioprinter, and a robotic arm that fully enclosed in our patented vitality chamber. Having the same configuration and precision as MAPS-1, the MAPS-2 has the functional robotic arm that can perform high throughput experiment directly inside the machine. The vitality chamber with optimzed temperature, humidity, and air filter, it is capable to incubate and grow cells inside the chamber. It can perform drugs screening experiments, toxicology studies, and biochemical assays.

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OneClick OS

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Our machines come with a in-house developed operating system called OneClick OS. It is specificities designed for non-engineer, enabling researchers to operate and control the MAPS easily.

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