MAPS-1 stands for Multidimension Automatic Printing System, is our first 3D bioprinter. With high precision up to 0.1 micron and dual nozzles system, the MAPS-1 is capable to print very precise 3D multi-cell types models for regenerative research or tumor research. It has the enclosed chamber to prevent comtamination and UV for sterilization. It is controled by our OneClick OS, which is designed for non-engineers with fully auto calibration ability.

Enclosed Chamber

The machine is enclosed in a chamber that is made of steel and transparent acrylic doors. This prevent and reduce chance of contamination during the printing process.

Dual Nozzles

The dual nozzle system allows precise printing of two or more biomaterials or cell types at the same time. The two nozzles can be fully calibrated automatically.  

High Precision

The MAPS-1 has a high precision with error ~0.1 micron. It is ideal to print very fine and small models for biological assays.

Antiseptic Surface and UV

The interior of MAPS-1 is coated with antiseptic coating, which is easy to clean and reduces the chance of contamination. It also equiped with a UV light for sterilization before and after experiments. 

OneClick System

The MAPS-1 is controlled by our developed operating system called OneClick OS. It is specifically designed for non-engineer background users with fully automatic calibration.

High Throughput Printing

The MAPS-1 is able to print small models in from peridish, 6 well-plate and up to 96-well plate. This allows high throughput screening of drugs and conditions. 

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