The OneClick OS

A bioprinting operating system for everyone

Bioarchitec spent a lot of efford in designing a better OS for researchers. We understand researchers does not have the time and energy to learn 3D printing, therefore, we re-design the OS from scratch, optimized for non-engineer backgound users. 

Support 96-well plate

Both our software and hardware support printing of different containers ranging from peridish to different types of well-plates. User can choose different models in different wells thus, printing a collection of models and shapes to compare. 

3 axises autocalibration

We are the very few bioprints in the market that is able to perform all axies, fully automatic calibration. A simple click can complete the calibration. 

Contact Us

BioArchitec Group Limited
Address: Unit 218A, 2/F, Enterprise Place, No. 5 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, N.T.